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Friedrich manufactures Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTACs) and Vertical Air Conditioners (VTACs), both of which provide superior noise reduction.  Friedrich’s PTACs use a tangential blower wheel which provides powerful, yet nearly silent airflow throughout the room.  Stainless steel endplates on the coils, and galvanized zinc-coated steel wall sleeves make for a durable unit that can stand up the stress of everyday use.  The SG series of PTACs uses a curved coil design to maximize the internal surface area of the coil, resulting in a more powerful and efficient unit.  Friedrich’s line of VTACs include their Vert-I-Paks, lightweight units that weigh as little as 125 lbs, making for easy installation.  Once installed, the unit’s floating chassis design reduces vibration transferred to the metal exterior, greatly reducing the noise produced by the unit.  Applied BTU is considered the strongest HVAC representative in the southeast and proudly enjoys representing Friedrich’s line of PTACs and VTACs.  We are your source for A/C system sizing and quoting and proudly offer access to this product and inventory throughout the state of Florida.

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