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Complete DFS/Mini-Split Product

Fujitsu specializes in Mini-Split systems, which use an outside compressor to pump refrigerant to various wall mounted or concealed units indoors.  This system minimizes and can even completely eliminate  the need for ductwork, thereby reducing energy losses commonly associated with central forced-air systems.  Additionally, seperate indoor units that provide both heating and cooling allow for temperature control to fit individual preferences.  Their variety of indoor and outdoor units available operate quitely, are easy to maintain, and lower utility bills as a result of their efficiency.  Fujitsu’s mini-split systems are perfect for residential applications as a result of their flexibility, efficiency, ease of installation, low noise production, and customization options.  Applied BTU is considered the strongest HVAC representative in the southeast and proudly enjoys representing Fujitsu’s line of Mini-Split systems.  We are your source for A/C system sizing and quoting and proudly offer access to this product and inventory throughout the state of Florida.

Mini-Split Products
Wall Mounted Units
Slim Ducted Units
Compact Ceiling Cassette

Fujitsu Single-Zone Submittals

Wall Mount
Part Number Voltage SEER Rating
9RL2 115V 16.0
9RLFW1 230V 23.0
9RLS3Y 230V 33.0
12RL2 115V 16.0
12RLFW1 230V 22.0
12RLS3Y 230V 29.3
15RLS3Y 230V 25.3
18RLB 230V 19.0
18RLXFW 230V 20.0
24RLB 230V 18.0
24RLXFW 230V 19.5
30RLXB 230V 16.5
36RLXB 230V 15.5
Compact Cassette
Compact Cassette
Part Number Voltage SEER Rating
9RLFCC 230V 24.0
12RLFCC 230V 21.9
18RLFCC 230V 20.1


Ceiling Cassette
Part Number Voltage SEER Rating
18RCLX 230V 16.0
24RCLX 230V 15.0
36RCLX 230V 14.0
42RCLX 230V 15.0
Part Number Voltage SEER Rating
9RLFCD 230V 21.5
12RLFCD 230V 20.0
18RLFCD 230V 19.7
Floor Mount
Part Number Voltage SEER Rating
9RLFF 230V 26.0
12RLFF 230V 22.7
15RLFF 230V 20.3
Universal Mount
Part Number Voltage SEER Rating
18RULX 230V 16.0
24RULX 230V 15.0
36RSLX 230V 14.0