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Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems & Ionization

Indoor air pollution from building materials, smoke, paints, dyes, deodorizers, cleaning chemicals, adhesives and pesticides is among the top five environmental health risks.  iAIRE’s products employ bi-polar ionization technology in air purification devices in order to effectively remove these harmful molecules from the air.  Bi-polar ionization works by using voltage to generate negatively charged particles.  The negative particles break longer molecule chains in smaller, less harmful ones, which then fall harmlessly to the ground to be swept or vaccummed up.  iAIRE’s products are perfect for use in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, shopping malls, restaurants, museums, laboratories, offices, and nearly any location in which clean and odorless air is a necessity.  Applied BTU is considered the strongest supply and tool representative in the southeast and proudly enjoys representing iAIRE’s line of ionization air purifiers.  We are your source for supply and tool information and proudly offer access to this product and inventory throughout the state of Florida.