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Magnetic Bearing Chillers

Smardt manufactures oil-free centrifugal chillers which offer the lowest lifetime operating costs and highest IPLV energy efficiencies in their capacity ranges.  These chillers range in capacity from 60 – 2500 TR in water-cooled units, 60 – 450 TR in air-cooled units, and 60 – 300 TR in evaporative cooled units.  They utilize magnetic bearings in combination with a variable speed drive instead of conventional oil-lubricated bearings.  Magnetic bearings reduce energy losses to friction and mechanical wear and as a result, the need for constant maintenance.  In addition, eliminating oil means that losses in efficiency due to clogging of heat transfer surfaces are also eliminated. Smardt chillers utilize position sensors at each bearing to provide real-time feedback to the bearing control system, ensuring rotation is always centered. Applied BTU is considered the strongest HVAC representative in the southeast and proudly enjoys representing Smardt’s line of magnetic bearing chillers.  We are your source for A/C system sizing and quoting and proudly offer access to this product and inventory throughout the state of Florida.

Chiller Products

Air Cooled Magnetic Bearing Chiller
Water Cooled Magnetic Bearing Chiller
Control and Monitoring Magnetic Bearing Chiller

Smardt Case Studies

See Smart Magnetic Bearing Chillers in action around the country!  Hospitals, Universities, Libraries, Animal Service Centers, and Data Centers all choose Smardt Chillers because of their high efficiency, low maintenance and operation costs, and reliability throughout their lifetime of use.  Smardt Chillers are the premier centrifugal chillers on the market because of their innovative oil-free design.  The elimination of oil results in numerous benefits in efficiency and reliability, making them the #1 choice for companies looking for large-scale cooling.